Sean A. Cahanding

Meet MBA@American student Sean A. Cahanding. A self-professed adrenaline junky and former U.S. Army captain, Sean is a driven, passionate entrepreneur who is interested in global growth and leadership development. He hopes to use his new business knowledge and professional network to help him choose a path and launch a successful business.

Sean expects to graduate in the fall of 2017. See what he had to say about his experience in Kogod’s online MBA program.

What attracted you to Business@American?

Based on my combined experience as Brigade Operations Planning Officer at the 101st Airborne, U.S. Army, my goal is to attain a position as Chief of Operations. This position will provide excellent experience for my longer-term goal of entrepreneurship. There are several intermediary milestones on the way to these goals, one of which includes earning an MBA from the Kogod School of Business. I was interested in learning the intricacies of business dynamics, gaining an appreciation for a variety of leadership styles, and developing an essential network of business relationships. 

I knew that participating in leadership development programs at American University would guide my thinking as an executive. I am excited about facilitating global growth of a company I am passionate about. In support of this goal, MBA@American includes a global immersion series that demonstrates business operations through a global lens. I believed that my previous experience owning a business, Army leadership, and an MBA from Kogod would merge with my future business goals to build the perfect platform for entrepreneurship.

How have you fit the program into your life?

MBA@American understands the professional student’s busy schedule. After transitioning out of the U.S. military, the program allowed me the flexibility to keep a balanced life and adjust to civilian life. MBA@American offers online courses conveniently in the evenings during the week and mornings on weekends. The online MBA program also attracts military and former military because of its strong support for service members.

What is your experience with the online program so far?

The professors are highly experienced in the corporate business world and in private businesses. I think what stands out the most is the passion and inspiration the professors have about business. Students in my cohort are absolutely top notch. The feedback and dialogue exchanged during class promotes high level discussions. Going into my second semester, I know that American University was the right choice.

How is Business@American helping you to propel your career?

Business@American has stimulated my entrepreneurial spirit to a whole new level. It sets you up for success so that you can confidently choose a path and excel. Overall, the program has opened my mind to opportunities in the world of business.

What are you doing now while you earn your degree?

I am focused on a balanced life and enjoying my friends and family.

What do you plan to do with your degree after graduation?

I plan on traveling the world to discover the right business I want to develop.

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