Gabrielle Williams

What is your current job title? Can you describe some of your job responsibilities?

Technical sourcer. I am responsible for finding and hiring strong senior consumer-facing product managers for Facebook!

How have you used your MBA degree in your current role?

Thus far, my MBA has allowed me to have a deeper understanding of how the business works. It has also helped me assess business needs by partnering with my hiring managers and building intentional relationships at my organization.

What new career goals were you able to set or achieve with this program?

By acquiring my MBA, I have set a career goal in which I will be out of the recruiting field within the next 10 to 12 months. I am looking forward to expanding my career further in the near future!

With so many MBA programs, why did you choose AU?

I chose AU because it reminded me of the culture established at my undergrad experience at Oglethorpe University. Both institutions being smaller private schools provided me with the opportunity to get to know my professors and peers first-handedly. I also chose AU because I realized the wide reach of networking opportunities provided and the benefit of connecting with students working at major companies around the world.

What was your favorite part of the program?

Being an online MBA student, the immersions were my favorite part. I enjoyed getting to know my peers in person and working with them to develop awesome ideas and impact. I enjoyed all the site visits from companies such as Accenture, BDO, and Tesla.

Did any particular courses really stand out to you?

Management Information Systems was one my favorite classes and was actually a big driver in my decision to enter the tech world! Strategic Decision Making was also one of my favorite courses—it taught me that I love solving challenging problems.

What connections have you made during your time in the program, and how have they helped you succeed in your education or advance in your career?

I’ve made connections with a lot of my classmates, which came with more much ease than I expected from an online program. However, since there are many group projects which mock experiences in the real world, this really pushed us to get to know each other and tackle challenges. My connections from the program come from a variety of industry backgrounds, including ed tech, retail, government agencies, technology, and more. These connections have provided me with a variety of perspectives I utilize in my day-to-day and work life. Having the opportunity to work with these individuals not only gave me the advantage to think creatively during my educational career with AU, but also pushed me in my work life to be creative in my sourcing practice. Additionally, it helped me to develop projects outside of my day-to-day, such as networking initiatives like a Black History Month gala for my office.