Bianca Romo

Bianca Romo graduated from the MBA@American Program in May 2018.

Meet MBA@American student Bianca Romo. She began the Kogod program focusing on analytics, which is her current professional field, but rediscovered her undergraduate passion for finance. The live classes, in-person immersions, and proximity of American University to Bianca’s home has helped her expand her personal and professional network.

See what she had to say about her experience in Kogod’s online MBA program.

What attracted you to Business@American?

I was looking for a school that was flexible with my schedule and had a presence in the DMV area. I was looking for something with a bigger network than I was used to. I earned my undergrad in Indiana, so ideally I wanted to attend a local school to expand my network. The online program better fits my schedule, and I’m able to do it on my own time while also getting the educational feel of being in the classroom and bouncing ideas off peers and professors. 

Have you been able to apply what you’re learning in the program day to day?

Absolutely. One of the things that the school has helped me do is find a focus in my career. I started out focusing on analytics, but I shifted back to finance, which is what I originally did in undergrad. Going through the courses, my love for finance re-emerged. While I do enjoy analytics, I have been able to apply some of the financial concepts that I learned into my position now. Through those courses, I’ve started making the transition in my company from the analytics department into the finance and accounting department.

Has the online MBA program fulfilled your expectations?

Yes. What I really love about American University is that you get the chance to not only learn at your own pace, but the live sessions help you bounce ideas off like-minded and non-like-minded people. You get different perspectives from people in other industries that you can learn from. The knowledge that comes in through the professors adds value to the conversations.

How is Business@American helping you to propel your career?

To date, I am almost halfway finished with the MBA program, and I can confidently say that I am continuously learning and growing. I am applying statistical data learnings to my professional daily responsibilities and understanding the ins and outs of human capital and managing teams. I certainly feel that I am on the right track to advancing my professional career.

How would you compare the live session experience to an in-person classroom?

In my undergrad experience, I sat in a classroom, listened to the lecture, would ask a few questions, and that’s it. Here, you come to class prepared, and whether you understand it or not, you’ll leave the class knowing the material. The professor is able to put the material into real scenarios to make you understand it. I’ve had wonderful professors. They’re very open to speaking with you after class via email or phone. Some of our professors have even given us their cell phone numbers, which is amazing to me.

What type of networking opportunities have you experienced in the program?

At the immersions, I have met my peers, and I’ve been building relationships that will be beneficial to not only my career but my life. I’m also building relationships with the faculty and staff. At one of the events, one of my professors came by. I’d never met her in person, but I had a great relationship with her. The immersions have really helped me with building my network professionally and personally.

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