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How 50 Years of Data May Help Predict Party Nominations

It’s commonly said that winning the Iowa Caucuses can be a bad sign for the future of a presidential campaign. Although such predictions may be attributed to political folklore, it’s true that over the past two election cycles, the Republican primaries in Iowa have been accurate zero percent of the time at predicting the eventual nominee. However, New Hampshire's Republican primary winners went on to be the nominee 100 percent of the time. To take an objective look at whether such trends hold true over a longer period of time, we looked back at the past 50 years of primary elections.

The Human Side of Analytics

“Data” and “technology” don’t make decisions by themselves; people do.

Comparing Analytics and Data Science

In the age of big data, parsing unwieldy amounts of information can lead to world-changing innovation. To understand this data, companies are hiring a variety of specialists, including business analysts and data scientists.

Love Thy Neighbor’s Energy Bill: Using Behavioral Science to Save Money

If you’re obsessed with checking your e-mail, finances, and other personal matters—you may be obsessing over the wrong things. We’re wasting energy all around us, but few are paying enough attention. In this TED Talk, Alex Laskey explores how we can use data analytics and quantitative analysis to motivate individuals around the globe to pay more attention to the energy they use, and thus waste less.

How Do We Use Data for Good? Add Context.

When it comes to data analytics, Susan Etlinger says facts can be stupid and stubborn things...In her TED Talk, this data analyst discusses how the appropriate use of context in analytics makes all the difference toward achieving optimal results.

‘Moneyballing Criminal Justice’: Using Statistics to Fight Crime

Anne Milgram has coined her own phrase for the use of predictive analytics to create business intelligence and insight—”moneyballing criminal justice.” She figured if the use of data analytics and quantitative analysis in making player decisions was good enough for the Oakland A’s, it would be good enough for the legal system...