Phil Simon is a sought-after speaker and recognized authority on technology, trends, communication, and management. He advises companies on how to optimize their use of technology has written seven books, most recently Message Not Received. His contributions have been featured in Harvard Business Review, CNN, Inc., The New York Times, Wired, NBC, CNBC, Wired, The Huffington Post, FoxNews,,, BusinessWeek, and many other high-profile media outlets. He holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and Cornell University. He lives just outside of Las Vegas, NV. Stalk him on Twitter at @philsimon.

The Human Side of Analytics

“Data” and “technology” don’t make decisions by themselves; people do.

Comparing Analytics and Data Science

In the age of big data, parsing unwieldy amounts of information can lead to world-changing innovation. To understand this data, companies are hiring a variety of specialists, including business analysts and data scientists.