Board Diversity Leads to Innovation, Inclusivity, and Profits

A diverse group of directors on a company board can lead to more strategic governance and increase inclusivity across an organization.

It Pays to Be a Jedi (Or Co-Star With One): How the ‘Star Wars’ Franchise Boosts Its Actors’ Careers

Following the success of The Force Awakens, the cast will bring in bigger paychecks for The Last Jedi and likely earn more in other films during their career. 

Millennials Want More Flexibility in the Workplace

American University’s Kogod School of Business recently released its second “Greater Washington Millennial Index,” which reveals how important workplace autonomy and flexibility are for millennials. Addressing this need can equip employers to better attract, engage, and retain millennial talent.

7 Data and Analytics Podcasts to Add to Your Feed

“Data” and “podcast” are two of the biggest buzzwords of the last few years, and plenty of analytics pros turned audiophiles are getting in on the trend.

How Big Cities Handle Large Snowstorms

The same snowstorm can cause either panic or eye-rolling among city dwellers based on the snow-readiness of their local government. Storm strength is typically measured in how long a municipality is shut down—as well as the associated costs.


How Presidents Make Their Millions

Historically, the presidency acts like an elevator, taking officeholders from lower to higher tiers of wealth, often beginning immediately upon leaving the Oval Office. According to the data, each of the last eight presidents had a higher net worth after vacating the office.