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Board Diversity Leads to Innovation, Inclusivity, and Profits

A diverse group of directors on a company board can lead to more strategic governance and increase inclusivity across an organization.

It Pays to Be a Jedi (Or Co-Star With One): How the ‘Star Wars’ Franchise Boosts Its Actors’ Careers

Following the success of The Force Awakens, the cast will bring in bigger paychecks for The Last Jedi and likely earn more in other films during their career. 

In Urban Food Deserts, Entrepreneurs Create Much-Needed Oases

With systemic food inequity in the United States, this series features local entrepreneurs creating healthier, sustainable solutions in their communities. Whether they run a for-profit or nonprofit organization, these leaders have designed and refined business models that provide rich lessons about agility, resourcefulness and experimentation.

Millennials Want More Flexibility in the Workplace

American University’s Kogod School of Business recently released its second “Greater Washington Millennial Index,” which reveals how important workplace autonomy and flexibility are for millennials. Addressing this need can equip employers to better attract, engage, and retain millennial talent.

How Vinyl Got Its Groove Back: In 2017, Vinyl Is Predicted to Be a Billion-Dollar Industry Again 

Call it the vinyl revival. Call it the dust and groove renaissance. Call it what you will: America seems to be enjoying the physical format of LPs once again, falling in love with the hisses and pops that digital music has eliminated. The music industry is rising to the occasion to meet demand.

7 Data and Analytics Podcasts to Add to Your Feed

“Data” and “podcast” are two of the biggest buzzwords of the last few years, and plenty of analytics pros turned audiophiles are getting in on the trend.